Are you feeling frustrated with a relatively empty appointment calendar? Too few people knocking on your door hoping you have availability to consult with them?

I remember the feeling.

It was late fall 2007, I had moved to a new city, and, after some soul-searching, decided to launch a new business.  The idea was simple enough. I would help small businesses get more customers and more predictable revenues by sharing my "secrets".

I was confident in my unique combination of street-worn guerrilla marketing tactics (learned as a real estate investor, and before that, years in advertising and sales) when mixed with my obsessive study of the great business minds of corporate strategy, positioning and innovation, along with my status as a certified marketing consultant, I felt I'd soon be swimming in clients.

However, this new business in this new city (my 3rd business), proved to be a thorny nut to crack.

I was learning first hand, the internal tension of professional services marketing - between lead generation and advertising restraint (lest you be deemed unprofessional and affect down the line conversions) and the need for authoritative "presence" and influence at the same time (lest the appointment calendar be empty and I go hungry).

When days, rolled into weeks, and weeks into months, with only a sporadic trickle of clients to show for it, I went back to the drawing board.

What if I were my own client? What would I advise ME to do ?

The system which would later be known as the The V.I.P. Funnel System was born.  The V.I.P. stands for the "Visibility Interview Project". I converted some of the proven principles of information marketing into an online system. 

I systematically extracted the key challenges I wanted to solve, identified exactly who I wanted to solve them for, and scripted, recorded and otherwise packaged my insights for addressing them. Finally, I deployed this thought leadership online in a system of audio interviews, content web pages and engaging email sequences. It worked!

Client inquiries began to flow into my mailbox with regularity, and my life as an everyday consultant and coach began in earnest! 

After 10 years, variants of this core system have been applied to consulting firms, marketing consultants, agencies, counselors, medical practices, and more. The fundamental principles still work.

  1. Identify a situationally-specific, high-value, potential client
  2. Dive deeply into their challenges, differentiating "pet peeves" from "pain points" from "primary problems".
  3. Systematically develop, diagram, and articulate, a "seabed" solution to the challenge.
  4. Outline a persuasive series of communications that PROVE BOTH THE PROBLEM AND THE SOLUTION, and justify your unique ability to deliver it.
  5. Package the above into a Signature Framework/Method/System for marketing and implementation.
  6. Reverse-engineer the Dream Prospect's transactional & transformational journeys, meeting each major stage with informational relevance (situation & statistics) and emotional resonance (storytelling through a singular lens).
  7. We "Can and clone" your messages into online marketing & conversion funnels designed to fill your appointment calendar, sell your high-ticket training programs, or both.
  8. Deliver value through tightly packaged offers to your clients and deliver checks into your bank account (or wire if you like).


(therefore free to you) 30-MINUTE STRATEGY SESSION?
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During your sponsored strategy session we would delve into hidden opportunities (market/niche, skill/intellectual property, background/career, networks/contacts, current differentiation, current positioning, marketing materials, current clients (if any), aspired clients, and more) and develop an outline for how an EXPERT VIP System could work for you. Even without our help. However, if you qualify, we would give you an opportunity to work directly with us.