Strategic Marketing Process

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Strategic Marketing Process

The classic Strategic Marketing Process provides the template for how we work with all our clients, no matter whether you have come to us for our strategic business services or for one of our special projects...

Understanding The Classic Strategic Marketing Process

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Our process for serving your business

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Understanding the Classic Strategic Marketing Process

The strategic marketing process typically involves 5 important phases:

  • Business Assessment and Discovery
  • Market And Competitor Research
  • Strategic Marketing Planning and Preparation
  • Tactical marketing execution
  • Monitoring, Management and Improvement

Business Assessment & Discovery

Every superior strategic marketing process should start with a marketing audit that examines the business itself. This is true for just about any business planning process.

Simple strategic planning tools like a SWOT analysis, a GAP Analysis or our own proprietary Wealth Capital Matrix should be used to identify the most accessible and most natural areas of competitive advantage that might exist within your business.

For instance, if you launched your business after a 10 year career in business process outsourcing, we would look for areas where your current business might leverage the superior knowledge and network you have from your past career.

Market and Competitor Research

All too many times, we see businesses in the marketplace deciding on their core strategy, their messaging and other crucial elements of their business and marketing system, without digging deeply into the marketplace. For your marketing to be successful, you must go beyond the obvious to dig out what your target customer is thirsty for.

You also have to be able to significantly differentiate your business from ALL true competitors or substitutes for your products or services.

Strategic planning and preparation

Your marketing planning or business strategy development cannot be effective without the steps above. Once you have mapped your business strengths against marketplace needs and competitor weaknesses, you'll be well positioned to produce business offerings and messages that will lead to domination of your marketplace.

Tactical marketing and execution

The difference between tactics and strategy is that strategy is concerned with the pre-engagement planning and positioning while tactics pertain to the things you do once the action has begun.

In a small business marketing context, strategy has to do with such decisions as which types of customers to target or which business/industry to be in.

Tactics, on the other hand, have to do with the things you do during engagement. In marketing, tactics are your specific methods like direct mail, advertising strategies, and internet marketing strategies and so on.

The most important thing to know about tactical execution is that you must have reliable and duplicable processes that are linked to each other to get things done. We call this a marketing system. As much as possible, you should seek to automate, delegate or outsource your tactical marketing execution.

Monitoring, Management and Improvement

This last crucial phase of a strategic marketing process is made easier when you have a marketing system in which your processes are automated, delegated or outsourced.

You will find it far easier to monitor an automated system than a "hand-carried" one. Creating policies, protocols and procedures for delegation will yield you the same fruit. And finally, outsource providers usually come with their own monitoring and management frameworks as part of their value proposition.

The reason this is so vital is because contrary to common belief, business success is usually realized in optimization; in continuous improvement. If you want to experience improved marketing performance and accelerated business growth, you have to prioritize the creation and implementation of a marketing system of the sort I have just described.

Our Process for Serving Your Needs

1. Starting with your call or your email, you are contacted by a Senior Consultant who determines whether our services would be a good fit for your perceived needs.

2. We Schedule a C.O.B.R.A. (Consistently Overlooked Business Resource Audit) session with you.

3. You will be provided access to an Online Pre-Audit Self-Diagnostic Tool. This tool is an excellent value just by itself.

4. Complete the questionnaire online at least 48 hours before your scheduled C.O.B.R.A. session.

4.a Although this comprehensive "marketing audit + business strategy" consulting session is guaranteed to deliver you thousands of dollars in value, we believe that you will gain exponentially more value if you prime your pump with the Pre-Audit questionnaire before meeting with a Senior Consultant.

5. C.O.B.R.A. session will take place either virtually (phone/webinar), or at your regular place of business if you or the Senior Consultant believes you will receive greater value that way. After your session, if you agree to move forward, we’ll go on to step 6.

6. Construct Customized Business Growth M.A.P. with your input.

7. Begin Implementation of Project 1 as defined in the Business Growth M.A.P.

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