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Putting in effort to make money online without a strategic internet marketing plan is like trying to build a commercial subdivision without a blueprint or an architect. It is not a good idea, but many people try to do just that every single day.

Internet business is like many other businesses in that developing a plan of action for certain key areas lets entrepreneurs be more conscious about the choices they are making and the trade-offs associated with those choices. This is especially true in the arena of online marketing and internet business.

If you have not yet built a successful business on the internet, this mini-guide will be very useful to you. If you are yet to build your first website or blog, or create your first information product, the advice you receive in the sections below may save you thousands of dollars and years of misdirection.

Failing To Prepare Is Preparing To Fail

The quote above, which is generally attributed to John Wooden, highlights the most important aspect of developing a plan. For an internet beginner, the process of developing a strategic internet marketing plan helps expose you to the various strategies and tactics for building a business online.

The journey you go through helps you make choices about what type of business you want to build and what you don't want, and you also learn what type of internet business coaches you should look for and those you should avoid. Additionally, a systematic process of research and planning at the outset, helps sharpen your intuition for the inevitable "crossroads" and inflection points you will face over time.

Strategic Internet Marketing Plans

A strategic internet marketing plan should define who your primary target audience is online, their preferred channels of engagement (how and where they like to be reached), and what hopes, fears, habits, needs and wants, they share in common.

A strategic internet marketing plan also helps you define how to generate targeted traffic online, how that traffic will be drawn into an on-going marketing system, and how you plan to monetize that relationship and build your income, business or organization.

Within your plan, you should acknowledge the various channels and tools that could connect you to your audience - email marketing, social media platforms, web 2.0 technologies, ebooks and white papers, teleseminars, search engine marketing (with websites, content-sharing sites and Pay-per-click), media ad buys, etc.

Your plan should then connect your outreach strategies with the resources you have available. So for instance, if you have only only $30 dollars to invest for the next 12 months and no recurring budget available, I would suggest connecting with 3 affiliate products, purchasing 3 domain names (to re-direct to your affiliate links) and creating tons and tons of home-brewed content to drive traffic to your affiliate links.

On the other hand, if you were one of my local small business consulting clients with a $1,000 dollar monthly budget and the ability to invest $10,000 to $20,000 dollars upfront, I would probably recommend a robust platform that includes - 1 major lead generating content site (whether you have a corporate website or not), a membership website platform and a robust content strategy that connects your online presence to your offline business.

Strategic Internet Marketing Planning Simplified

Your strategic internet marketing plan need not take more than one or two pages to write. You can use my proprietary 4P Business thinking system to tightly define your marketing message:

  • P - Profile or person you will build your online presence to attract and serve
  • P - Problem(s) you will help them solve, whether directly or indirectly
  • P - Process through which you will help them solve their problems
  • P - Personalization and passion; or the "voice" and story used in your marketing

Think through these areas, and then after you have settled on your choices for each of the 4Ps, you should think about how you plan to monetize your relationships and in what sequence and timelines.

For instance, if you plan on building a lead-generating website, you may defer any active monetization with Google AdSense ads until well after you are generating 300 unique visitors a day and have built a strong base of content. That way, you don't alienate online visitors who may think that your primary motive is money (whether it is or not).

If you want to build an affiliate-centered information business empire online, then your plan would probably feature a rapid information product creation strategy as well as intensive affiliate management and joint venture alliance-building.

No matter the specific nature of your strategic internet marketing plan, make sure that it is customer-centric. Make sure that your assumptions are derived from actual research, surveys, and listening to the conversation of the customer marketplace.

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