Content Portal Small Business Websites TM

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Do you need Small Business Websites that...

  • Actually generate targeted leads and web traffic??
  • Turn Social media attention into viral flood of leads and clients?
  • Build On A Growth-focused Strategic Internet Marketing Plan?
  • Fuel Cash-flow boosting alliances and partnerships?
  • That Are feature measurable and Dollar-Accountable performance?
  • Give You The Power of Visitor-generated Content?

If you answered "Yes" to any or all of the above, you're likely to be interested in our Content Portal Small Business Websites TM.

When DuBose and DuBose wanted a client-generating, authority-conveying web site that attracts eyeballs and profits, they turned to us.

These strategic online marketing platforms are built to work in the context of a strategic internet marketing plan that communicates a core message, educates prospects, attracts clients and enables stand-alone profit centers.

10 Core Requirements:
Effective Company Web sites Should...

  1. Be Visible to the search engines
  2. Be Planned and designed for traffic generation
  3. Have an internal structure and coding that is search engine friendly
  4. Be Content-loaded and attractive to your prospects, customers, potential partners and the press
  5. Give you full back-office access and control
  6. Feature Hassle-free security and special feature updates
  7. Have Direct-Response elements for powerful and affordable contact management
  8. Have a clean and easy to navigate user interface (layout)
  9. Feature syndication and sharing modules for easy viral sharing
  10. Promote visitor-generated content

Our Online Content Marketing Portals TM are designed to support an aggressive growth strategy. Every client site is planned and built after a deep strategic internet marketing analysis that ties larger business goals to the realities of the online marketplace.

We are currently offering a FREE 15 minute Consultation for Content Portal Small Business Websites. Contact us today to see if this strategic online marketing solution is appropriate for your company.

Gogo Erekosima is CEO and Lead Strategist at Idea Age Consulting - Our Denver Marketing Consulting firm serves small companies in Denver and around the nation with a unique partnership-fueled marketing system and over 20+ customized Business Growth M.A.P.s

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