Mobile Marketing Primer

Mobile Marketing is a new frontier in the world of digital marketing. Most businesses including manufacturers, professional services and retail locations do not know the right information on how to take advantage of this frontier.

In a very exclusive 33 minute video you will get to watch as two marketing experts map out the key elements of mobile marketing. Combining months of research and testing they discuss openly the best strategies behind mobile marketing. I guarantee you that you will see things that you had not thought of or seen before.

Additionally you will be able to download the mind map as it was created in the video so you can follow along and make your own notes.

Why is Mobile Marketing important?

  • Technology continues to change at a rapid pace and there is a need for marketers to keep up with consumers.
  • Most businesses marketing dollars are not getting the same results as they were once able to get in the past.
  • Traditional forms of advertising are losing their impact for the small business.
  • There is a need for non-traditional advertising that gets results fast.

What will you learn from this video?

  • You will learn how mobile marketing can bring instant results and hi ROI.
  • You will learn how mobile marketing can help you create a greater connection with your customers.
  • You will learn how mobile marketing can be seamlessly integrated into your current marketing strategy
  • You will learn the right information about mobile marketing

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