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Marketing on Social media is a hot topic today. It's also likely to be a hot topic around executive conference rooms and local business groups for a while to come. I can't count how many times someone calls me, or emails, and sooner or later, the question comes up,

"Does marketing on social media websites work?"

Or a close variant of the same question...

"Does social media marketing work for companies in our industry? Organizations like ours?"

Well, the answer of course, is ...


It's true!

For a vast majority of entrepreneurs, executives and organizations social media marketing is an ineffective waste of time, and a drain on resources that are already being productively put to use elsewhere in the marketing mix.

Of course that doesn’t mean that marketing on social media marketing does not work for anyone else or for other organizations.

It does.

For organizations who understand the proper relationship between digital (content) strategy, social strategy, promotions, lead generation, nurturing and strategic planning. The challenge with marketing on social media websites is that there are many ways to get it wrong, and a lot fewer ways to get it right.

Effectively marketing on social media websites also involves solving a compound problem – an interconnected, multilayered, multi-faceted challenge that is usually solved strategically rather than tactically.

Invariably, tactically-minded overnight social marketing gurus have shared their ideas with my inquirer, and they have a feeling in the back of their minds that what sounded good to them in a blog post - or marketing pitch - may have left some important things unsaid.

There is almost always a way to benefit significantly from social media, if your business has other pre-requisite pieces in play.

How To Over-spend & Under-Achieve On YouTube

Here's an example of the mistakes commonly made on these platforms:

A prospect in the professional services sector approached us to inquire about using YouTube video marketing in his very conservative niche consulting service. He was astounded to find that a competitor in their industry was aggressively investing money, time and team resources to develop a comprehensive video library which was being deployed via a video blogging plan.

He was considering the same strategy.

So what was the problem? Well, there were two.

Strategy, Methodology & Digital Assets Before Platform

First, our client would have wasted tens of thousands in time, money, and team resources if they had tried similar video lead generation tactics because at the time, they did not have the pre-requisite methodologies and digital assets in place to turn those into leads, prospects, clients and influencer-targeted branding. Their campaign would have under-achieved colossally.

Social Should Support SEO(Search), Content & Vice Versa

Second, the competitor had undoubtedly committed significant resources to execute the campaign my prospect came across. Yet five minutes on their website showed serious mistakes - my future client was almost guaranteed never to find their website again (even though he liked it). This second mistake is related to the myth of the return visit.

Need More Guidance In Marketing on Social Media?

So What Now?

For small and mid-sized organizations who want to leverage the power of marketing on social media websites and platforms, we recommend a strategic approach that:

  • Aligns business strategy to marketing, digital strategy and sales
  • Marries high-ROI methods with state of the art digital tools
  • Builds on strategic planning for long-term value performance
  • Maximizes results from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Meetup, Foursquare and YouTube
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    social pr consultantGogo Erekosima, is the Lead strategist at Idea Age Consulting - a management consulting firm that helps solo, small and mid-sized businesses nationwide to grow using assets already hidden within the business itself.

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