Hidden Marketing Assets (HMA) Consulting
Grow Your Business Faster, Without Typical Advertising Costs!!

Hidden Marketing Assets Consulting
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What if you could grow your business by 10,15, even 25 percent?
What if we harvested profits currently hidden in your business?

You can with the unique Hidden Marketing Assets (HMA) System. A step-by-step set of processes married to a difference-making philosophy for growing small and mid-sized businesses.

About The Hidden Marketing Assets System

The Hidden Marketing Assets System was developed by top marketing consultant Richard Johnson, by marrying the concepts of lean thinking (from the world of manufacturing) with the multi-pillar marketing philosophies of one of the world's true marketing geniuses, Jay Abraham.

It is a completely counter-intuitive and unique system, purpose-built for the needs of small and mid-sized business owners like you, and fitting perfectly into your fast-paced, overstretched context. By applying our own proprietary systems of Asset based coaching for executives and owners, as well as other proprietary tools for appreciative inquiry, and direct marketing, we have perfected the results many of our clients get out of their marketing.


We begin with a Growth Marketing Deep Dive - a roughly 60 to 90 minute analysis of your strategy, sales, marketing, business model and performance factors - in an all out search for hidden marketing assets and your unique selling points. Depending on the exact history of your business and the nature of your industry, this Deep Dive may also include our unique tools for mining assets of your personal brand. For example, if you own a professional services firm, and its brand is heavily tied to your personal brand, we will apply a unique set of in-house tools (such as the S.H.E.L.L. audit) to mine hidden marketing assets from your personal brand and story as well.


After your unique areas of hidden business advantage and marketing leverage are identified, we weave these into a comprehensive, mutually-reinforcing, marketing system. So that your marketing continues to work for you - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just like the processes in a great production system. In today's hyper-competitive business environment,
Consistent Revenue Growth and Profits Are Difficult To Find Without A Unique or Differentiating Value Proposition
We provide you with a complete and customized roadmap for building a Lean Marketing System on the back of your unique hidden assets.


Over the next few weeks and months, we implement processes and tools in your business that accomplish the following:
  • Identify (or uncover) Your Unique Sales Proposition
  • Map & Improve Your Marketing Processes, Sales Funnels & Sequences
  • Develop/Improve Core Sales Presentation & Integrate USP
  • Sales Training - Sales Scripting, Benchmarking and Management Systems
  • Install Point of Sale Profit Maximizers - Offline retail or Online
  • Develop or Maximize Marketing Database
  • Build Relationship Marketing Strategy,System & Content - print/e-newsletter
  • Set up Revenue Marketing Systems - membership, subscriptions & cashflow programs
  • Implement Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances, Coop Marketing & Endorsements
  • Review & Current Advertising, improve performance, reduce costs
  • Implement Thought Leader Marketing Strategies - Webinar, Seminar & Specialty Media
  • "Attract Customers" with Web Systems - Website, SEO, Social Content & Email
  • Orchestrate Closely Aligned & Commonsensical PR & Media Marketing Strategies
  • Develop Content Marketing For Leads, Clients and Sales Growth
  • Link System With Our Unique 4P Strategic Planning & Branding
  • Communicate Brand with Story-Based Marketing & Leadership
The best business consultants are experts at employing systematic problem-solving processes to solve problems. They combine strategic, tactical, operational and psychological lessons to innovate new solutions, applying their creativity to adaptively solve new problems.


(HMA) Consulting

If you have been in business for 3 to 5 years, with revenues of $500,000 to $1 million or more, you may qualify for the Hidden Marketing Assets Consulting program.

Contact us here to apply for the HMA program, or for other programs besides Hidden Marketing Assets Consulting Services.

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