Green Screen Videos, Education Marketing & Will It Blend?

green screen video editing
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Quality green screen videos (green chroma key videos), have become the de facto tool of choice for B2B social media and online marketing pros seeking to leverage YouTube for online lead generation and branding.

One effective, but under-used method for online lead generation is with video tutorials. Turning your expertise into a full editorial calendar of content, and releasing that content via YouTube video tutorials is a very effective strategy to fill the top of your online marketing funnel. This applies to narrow B2B niche markets as well.

That's where green screen videos come in. They are excellent for online lead generation because they give marketers of almost every budget the ability to create and share very high quality, affordable videos - videos that feature engaging elements such as moving graphics, exciting motion backgrounds or clean-lit white backgrounds. They are also tremendous online brand builders due to their clean layout and overall quality "look and feel".

What Exactly Are Green Screen Videos?

Green screen videos are named after the green screen backgrounds that are used when shooting the video. After the video is shot on a green background, the background is then replaced either with still photos or even with complementary background video or motion graphics (animations).

If you've ever watched a video with a strange effect like someone seated at a desk in the foreground while the background whizzes by, or a floating logo against a white background, you were probably watching the output of green screen video editing.

You can utilize this type of video production (and editing) to create a memorable video that educates your audience while inviting them to a landing page, a contest, or your website. The result is an exciting video that complements a marketing, sales or brand-building message.

How To Build A Green Screen (On The Cheap)

After reviewing more YouTube videos than I care to remember, I've found a few that are especially useful for teaching how to set up your own super low cost green chroma key studio. This one gets you the goods for less than perhaps $80 bucks (total).

This Guy Set-Up His Studio Under $15 (with help from Walmart)!

Since individuals of every budget and situation visit this website from time to time, I decided to include this video above as well. This young man's video shows an "ultra low budget" approach to doing the same thing as the others.

Set Up Chroma Key Studio (High End)

The next video is for you if you want to commit to a high quality studio (home or office). You should expect to spend some money on good lighting, lighting stands, and the stands for the green background as well.

Strategic Leverage From Your Green (or Blue Screen) Videos

You might say I've saved the best video for last here. In this video below, two marketing leaders have shown just how BlendTec leveraged dramatic videos on their channel to create a viral effect. This video itself demonstrates the power of chromakey videos while teaching valuable video marketing case studies.

I hope you've found this information useful. If you'd like to learn how to use these types of videos in a strategic way to:

  • Attract leads and partners
  • Nurture and convert prospects
  • Add revenue streams to your business
you may find it extremely valuable to go beyond green screen videos with video marketing coaching or services.

social pr consultantGogo Erekosima, is the Lead strategist at Idea Age Consulting - a management consulting firm that helps solo, small and mid-sized businesses nationwide to grow using assets already hidden within the business itself.

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