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Generating Internet Traffic For Building Your Business Or Making Money Online

by Gogo Erekosima
(Idea Age Consulting)

Generating internet traffic consistently, and at very robust levels, is one of the most important elements of success for doing business online - whether your activities are designed to help you in business building, or you are developing a money-making internet-based business.

In particular, learning how to economically attract targeted web traffic is to be considered a necessary master skill. Unfortunately for newcomers to online marketing, there's no "one step" answer to successful internet traffic generation.

Many beginners start out their journey on the wrong foot by purchasing e-commerce storefronts, web business opportunity offers, or hosting plans that emphasize "low cost" on the front end, while ignoring long-term traffic generation strategies, tactics and tools.

If you are new to online marketing, you may not know that there are literally millions of indexed websites out there. As early as 2008, the blogosphere received the somewhat shocking news that Google had indexed over 1 trillion web pages!

Building a run of the mill brochure website, without a content management system, still leaves you with the enormous challenge of figuring out how to get web traffic to your web presence.

Here are a few simple ideas to help you attract enough internet traffic that you can achieve your personal and business goals.

1. Website Traffic Generation

There are three key elements in making your website a traffic magnet. First, it should be full of relevant, engaging content in various formats - text, graphics, video, audio, or otherwise.

Second, it must be compliant with good search engine optimization (SEO) principles that make your web pages easy for search engines to find when your target audience searches for information online.

Finally, it should have lots of in-pointing (inbound) links from other related, relevant, or authority websites. These links are known as inbound links and figure heavily into the algorithms that Google uses to rank web pages.

Since the Google Penguin algorithm update first launched, it has become crucial to be much more careful about how you

2. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising

Pay-per-click advertising with program like Google's Adwords program may be the single fastest way to generate loads of traffic to a website or landing page. However, because it gets expensive, I recommend that your PPC investment be devoted to lead generation rather than just traffic generation.

Some commonsensical Adwords (PPC) strategies include targeting so-called Long tail keywords, implementing retargeting, and leveraging the Adwords Content Network.

Start out with a very small daily budget at the beginning of your PPC campaigns so you don't do unnecessary damage to your finances.

3. Affiliate or Referral Generated Traffic

Another way to generate lots of targeted online traffic is through the product-centered strategy of joint ventures and affiliate marketing. The key here is to create a product that gives you the leverage to offer incentives to high-powered partners who can send you traffic from their lists.

4. Article Marketing

Sharing articles on high traffic websites (article marketing) that offer reprint rights to your articles can be a great way to attract traffic to your website.

However, it's important to note that the Google Panda update absolutely decimated popular article directories like and others. While they are still useful for nuanced, Penguin-compliant link building, these article directories can no longer be considered significant traffic generators.

In place of traditional article marketing, I highly recommend "guest blogging" and other forms of "guest content marketing".

5. Email Marketing

A big misconception of online marketing is the idea of "the returning website visitor". The reality is that most visitors to a website that isn't a "brand name" will probably never find their way back. Even if they want to.

I have personally experienced the pain of not being able to remember the domain of a website I was very impressed by, or not being able to identify a website I was sure I bookmarked.

Offering your visitor a way to be reminded about your website and your content is one of the best ways to keep your web traffic consistently high.

You can do this with an email newsletter (e-zine), or some sort of freebie that requires visitors to give you their email address.

6. Online Social Networking

Websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Meetup, and other social networking websites, allow you to develop a following. In my book, "Facebook For Business Growth", I illustrate how to combine social networking with content marketing and email marketing for powerful business building effect.

Social networking is not an effective short-term traffic strategy. It should come after you have developed your core web content base, and developed an email marketing system at the very least.

7. Web 2.0 Media Content Sharing & Syndication Sites

Websites like Youtube (video sharing), Slideshare (PowerPoint, PDF, and video sharing), and podcast directories can be excellent generators of traffic, over the long term. By converting your content into various media and sharing them in other formats and on other sites, you get the benefits of greater search engine exposure to your content, referral visitors from those websites, and the SEO value of links to your website from your content and profiles on these sites.

8. Social Sharing, Bookmarking & Microblogging

Social bookmarking services like StumbleUpon and Digg have been known to help marketers generate big spikes of traffic.

Some marketers have built a large base of followers on Twitter, and leveraged retweets from their crowd to get links to their content in front of a much wider audience than they would ordinarily get to on their own.

Unfortunately, visitor traffic generated from some of the sources listed here (i.e. StumbleUpon) does not necessarily convert into subscribers or sales in most online niches.


In a previous version of this article, I recommended tools video syndication tools like TubeMogul (for getting the same video to hundreds of different video directories). However, since the Panda and Penguin updates, many redundant websites have become truly irrelevant. Focus on delivering outstanding content, and strategically communicating with your target audience, and you should accelerate your success.

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