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Denver marketing consultant Hi,

I'm Gogo Erekosima, and I'm the CEO and Lead Strategist here at Idea Age Consulting.

I'd like to thank you for taking a moment to check out the collection of business presentation videos from all over the web that I have curated and chosen for presentation on this website.

These video presentations highlight some of the very best business, management, productivity and enlightenment insights of the idea age. And as part of our continuing mission to articulate Idea Age Concepts to individuals and organizations around the world, we hope to spark a broader conversation in your mind and in the corridors of your organization that will yield positive outcomes.

These video presentations will eventually be indexed on this page along broad categories so you can go directly to topic areas most of interest to you.

These categories will include the following:

  • Idea Age(Information Age)ideas, phenomena, insights, and mega-trends
  • Digital Business/ Tech Business - Ideas, Insight, & Case Studies
  • Learning - Accelerated Learning, Self-Directed Learning & Learning Organizations
  • Cognitive Sciences, Communication & Persuasion
  • Strategy - Lessons From Maneuvers in Business, Love & Warfare
  • Marketing - Digital, Strategic, Direct, Online, Mobile & Social
  • Entrepreneurship, Startup Business & Business Startup
  • Complexity, Networks, Uncertainty Management & Risk Communications
  • Tech & Society - How the Citizen, The Consumer, & The Customer Are Evolving
  • Morality & Philosophy - Lessons From The Philosophical Frontier Of Our Current Era

I hope that the videos in this collection will resonate with you, and that you will suggest others as well. I also hope you will not find the scope to be too ambitious, or in any way off-putting for a business-focused company like ourselves to be involved with. If you do, thanks for visiting anyway. I hope you change your mind.

Contact us to learn how Business Video Presentations can help your business. Idea Age Consulting works with organizations with over 5 years in business. We have solutions for solo, small, mid-sized and industrial organizations.

VIDEOS: Great Business Presentations Around Idea Age Business Themes

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