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Every Denver SEO company has access to some of the best SEO (search engine optimization) resources in the country. The Denver area attracts prime digital marketing talent who get magnetically drawn to its hybrid "Rocky Mountain" health and "Urban cool" lifestyle. Additionally, as the original home of Qwest communications, Denver and Colorado made aggressive moves to be digital and tech-friendly, (think "Denver Tech Center"). As a result, we leverage Denver SEO resources for your benefit.

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Introduction - Advantages of Denver SEO Company

When I first arrived in Denver in 2007, I was pleasantly surprised to find Denver ranked #6 among the nations cities in broadband connectivity. When you combine digital and creative media talent, the nearby technology and educational hubs, and the magnetic lifestyle, it means Denver SEO heaven for your business.

SEO Denver

In continuing with that tradition, we at Denver internet marketing firm, Idea Age Consulting work hard to make the benefits of search engine optimization available to Denver business organizations of all sizes.

Whether your focus is Business-To-Business (B2B) marketing or marketing directly to consumers (B2C), we can deliver search engine optimization services or training to fit your needs.

1. "Who Needs SEO?"...You Need Our Denver SEO company if...

  • You need more clients/customers and suspect that online lead generation could work.
  • You manage a consulting firm and cannot get access to CEOs, CFOs, and VPs you need to sell to.
  • You sell B2B or industrial products and services, and sales are low or down.
  • You are a local denver contractor whose Yellow Pages Ads are tanking.
  • You are a Denver Professional firm (doctor, dentist, lawyer, CPA, architect) and you need clients.
  • You are a Colorado manufacturer and your channel partners are struggling.
  • You are a Denver Seo Company in need of trustworthy and reliable partners.

We leverage Denver marketing resources and relationships to make your phone ring through varied internet marketing services. Search marketing today is such a broad marketing channel that many smart business owners just haven't caught up.

Let us answer your SEO questions today!

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2. Using Our SEO Services

Our ROI-focus means that we would rather turn you away than offer you search engine marketing optimization tools or services that do not match your current priorities. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Free preliminary SEO discussion. Use Contact Form.
  2. If we make sense, Complete SEO questionnaire.
  3. Then pay for Preliminary SEO/ Online Business Development Analysis.
  4. You'll get a Search Marketing Recommendations Summary Plan
  5. Choose SEO plan or execute recommended strategies yourself.
  6. If working with us, supply required intel, and pay for SEO project.

This is just a broad outline of how we engage you, and learn your advantages, goals, and challenges. Contact us here for a free SEO question and answer discussion!

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3. Our Strategic Asset-Based SEO Process

We're the only Denver seo company to apply a unique strategic process to every marketing intervention we offer. We refer to it as Asset-Based ConsultingTM.

Using this approach we outline your thought leadership assets, relationship assets and others, to develop a marketing strategy and core message that can turn online and offline marketing efforts into bottom line results.

Only after we have systematically combed through your overlooked advantages and assets do we drill down to your goals and challenges. Our process is so robust, that for many clients, the result actually takes the place of their previous "business development plans" and "marketing plans".

This is very different from the usual approaches taken by other consultative SEO professionals. We believe that doing things this way opens up broad new vistas of possibility for promoting our clients.

For instance, in the past, we have helped clients identify:

  • How previous executive relationships can be leveraged for content and web traffic
  • How a negative episode can be used for blog and ezine content (this converted a referral partner).
  • How a completely new profit center leveraging dead leads can be developed online
  • How to gain double the leverage by ignoring 90% of their potential online audience
  • How online and offline assets can work together to build a lead-generation machine

It would be difficult to overstate the importance of this asset-based approach to the online business development strategies we apply.

Contact us to answer any questions you may have about our unique Asset-Based ConsultingTM approach!

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4. SEO Vs. Content Marketing

The term search engine optimization most commonly refers to all the process and activities through which you gain search engine referrals to your online content.

However, one of the biggest challenges clients are slowly realizing is that stand-alone SEO (strictly defined) just doesn't cut it anymore. In fact, truly effective SEO must account for marketing strategy, contact (email) marketing, digital PR, and overall marketing message fit, among other elements.

We don't blindly stick to stand-alone SEO...because getting web traffic is now about customer acquisition, not just high search rankings!!

Content marketing more accurately describes our services because our clients need more than just SEO. For Instance:

"Facebook Page Optimization is not just about 'social media' it's also part of good SEO, especially for B2C firms. Why?
Because Facebook Pages show up on Search Engine Results Pages"

Another Denver SEO company may not acknowledge that fact in its package plans, and therefore robs you of the potential benefits of using that tactic.

Another reason why we do not differentiate between SEO and Content Marketing services is because we work with B2B (consulting, industrial manufacturing,etc) firms, whose target decision makers often require longer sales cycles than the average consumer.

"Getting a CEO,CFO, CIO or VP-level executive to contact you requires a more strategic approach than one page of your website ranking for relevant search terms."

Online marketers who understand these little-known facts will be light years ahead of their SEO competitors. And our clients understand this.

Get in touch for a free discussion of your lead generation challenges

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5. Search Marketing Tools And SEO Tactics

The possible combination of search marketing tools and tactics available may literally be in the thousands (maybe tens of thousands). It makes sense for us to map these SEO methods to your unique assets and strengths rather than to waste your resources "discovering" our way through lower-ROI processes.

Search marketing tactics may include - Google PPC, Business blogging, SEO press releases, Video SEO, SEO content creation, article distribution, blogger outreach, etc. On our SEO questionnaire, you can see even more.

No matter which methods we select for your campaigns, our strategic approach will make each marketing tool and tactic work "5 to 10 times harder" (to paraphrase sales performance guru Chet Holmes).

We'll call you for a free SEO question and answer session.

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6. SEO Case Examples

B2B -
From domain name selection to content development and brand messaging strategy, we walked our client through what it takes to build a superior presence online that converts high-yield business to business (B2B) channel partners.

By combining a robust website presence with offsite content marketing and B2B-focused digital PR, we were able to help DuBose & Dubose, LLC generate enough referral partners that they had to pull the plug. These projects used both search and social B2B marketing channels. Do you know another Denver SEO company that applies asset-based thinking to search marketing in such a robust way?

B2C -
This client ranks on the first page of Google for their primary keyword phrase, ahead of over 26 million competing results. Beyond that, the web traffic magnetizing strategy and systems we put in place generate ultra-targeted clients and convert them into "ready to buy" inquirers.

Our work included strategy from the ground up, content creation and marketing, and on-going seo and coaching support.

B2B/Local Denver SEO Company -
This website is in the top 1% of all websites on the internet. More importantly, it ranks on the first page for numerous highly targeted and relevant search phrases including "denver business consulting", "denver marketing consulting" and others.

We don't sit around and blindly expect a full pipeline just from "Denver SEO Company" searches...our prospects tell us they found us through all kinds of highly relevant, but unexpected search terms.

This site generates direct inquiries for our strategy, marketing, consulting and training services every week, and it generates b2b sales for us!

Ask us how our SEO services resulted in national TV exposure for our client

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7. Contact Us - The Denver SEO Company

Why don't you take us up on our offer of a FREE SEO Question And Answer Session?

This will be a no-cost, no-obligation discussion (scheduled based on availability) to discuss your overlooked assets.

Contact Us Today

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Gogo Erekosima is the CEO and Lead strategist at the Denver SEO Company, Idea Age Consulting. Using thought leadership positioning and other often overlooked asset-based strategies, we offer Business Development Consulting services that include SEO, sales performance improvement, partnership marketing, and strategic business development plans.


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