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Denver Business Consultants

Our team of Denver business consultants handles small business growth needs in a completely different manner from the typical business consulting firm. Whether your needs are for business development, sales training, customer retention or local small business marketing, we are careful not to lead with our solution.

Our customized Marketing Action Plans are designed to uncover chronically overlooked business resources and then to deploy them within a strategic marketing plan that will differentiate your company from your competitors and powerfully attract clients and partners.

Unlike many business marketing consultants that abandon you with a 60 page book full of recommendations you already knew. Our fee-per project services are designed for clarity of implementation (whether by your team or ours). We are able to implement the action steps that we recommend, and as such, we are outsourced providers of customized marketing systems.

Meet Our Team

Denver marketing consultant Gogo Erekosima, The Small Business Digital Coach TM is the CEO and Lead Strategist of Idea Age Consulting. Since 2001, he has been responsible for guiding business owners and executives facing strategic planning and resource allocation decisions. As the chief business and marketing strategy architect, Gogo applies his extensive knowledge of strategy and systems thinking to the task of small business growth...Read more about Gogo Erekosima...

digital marketing DenverPeter Brissette, The Digital Marketing Dude TM is a lead analyst and project manager with Idea Age Consulting.

Peter has more than fifteen years successful experience in B2B and B2C sales and marketing for small businesses.

Working in such industries as advertising, automotive, catering, financial services, computer hardware and software, senior care, high tech manufacturing, internet marketing, consumer electronics, video security and many more.

Read more about Peter Brissette, Digital Marketing Dude

Denver direct response copywritingRyan Healy is The Most Referred Direct Response Copywriter On The Internet TM, and a past client of Idea Age Consulting. Over the last 5 years, he’s worked with 80+ clients including Alex Mandossian, Internet marketing legend Terry Dean and Pulte Homes. Ryan’s popular blog at is one of the most popular advertising and business growth blogs on the internet.

Understand Our Process

Do you need better lead generation results? Do you need sales training for your business development team? Do you have a strategic marketing plan that can set up your company for 25% to 100% growth over the next few months? Would you like to implement a cost management system?

Whether your need is for small business strategic marketing plans, outsourced implementation of those plans, a complete strategic internet marketing implementation or a human resource training program, we are able to help.

We deliver a unique approach to meeting your business growth and small business marketing needs. We have developed over 20 Customizable Business Growth M.A.P.s (Management Action Plans and Marketing Action Plans) to help your small business make strategic choices or solve tactical marketing problems.

Our approach delivers the best results for small businesses older than 3 years old, with annual revenues as low as $100,000 dollars and as high as $15 million dollars. We are able to help such a wide range of businesses because of our unique system of first identifying the Hidden Profit Levers in your business.

These chronically overlooked business resources are some of the highest leverage growth opportunities available to you. Through our C.O.B.R.A. assessment, we identify these Hidden Profit Levers and develop a Customized Business Growth M.A.P. which you have the choice of implementing yourself, or outsourcing to us.

For a step-by-step breakdown of how we work you can read more here...

Our Services

Our Business consulting services fall into 2 broad categories:

Strategic Marketing Consulting

  • Create marketing plan designed specifically for business growth. For clients within and outside Denver, business consulting services that focus on strategic marketing plans are our most popular service.
  • Outsourced Small Business Growth plan. Based on the results of your C.O.B.R.A. assessment and our mutual agreement, we initiate a fee-per-project implementation of the M.A.P. we agreed on. We coordinate your management and marketing resources and execute projects for fast growth.
  • Strategic Digital Marketing Plan/Implementation

Special Project Services

  • Digital Business Portal Websites | We assist in the strategic positioning, planning, SEO and web architecture of a complete Small Business education and marketing portal website online designed to generate profits.
  • Sales team training | S.A.F.E.R. Selling System
  • S.C.O.U.T. Training for Continuous Management Action Plan
  • Rapid Business Development Marketing Action Plan
  • Digital Video Marketing Project
  • Social Media Hub Training
  • Attention Platform M.A.P. (Marketing Action Plan) for Small Small Businesses
  • Digital Profit Center Project

For consideration as a client, please read the "How our small business marketing services work" page.

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