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Denver marketing consultant Hi,

I'm Gogo Erekosima, founder of Idea Age Consulting.

The business management articles on this page include some I originally wrote for distribution on and other article submission websites.

That was before the Google Panda and Google Penguin algorithm updates signaled the willingness of the world's biggest search engine to apply site-wide penalties to those platforms, burying individual pages, regardless of article quality.

Unfortunately, as a result, many of my articles were ranking on obvious spam websites, in complete violation of the terms of their original publication. Somehow, the all-knowing Google algorithm updates were not catching these ugly violators. So I'm entrusting my articles to the safety of my own website, even at risk of the wrath of Google.

These articles include my insights in the areas of strategic marketing, online marketing, business management, strategy, systems and processes, neuropsychology and cognition, and customer service. Enjoy!

Some examples of the thought leadership you'll be getting:

  • An article on customer loyalty nominated as article of the week by a trade publication with over 80,000 readers
  • An article on business partnerships reprinted by the largest daily in one of the world's largest cities
  • An article on public speaking that draws from the life story of one of the world's favorite billionaires
  • An article on differentiating your business that every entrepreneur & executive should read at least once
  • An article on the mindset for sales success that unlocks 3 pre-requisite beliefs for achieving your goals
  • An article on email marketing secrets that every marketer should know but most do not
  • And much, much, more...

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Business Management Articles For Your Success

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Almost 2 years ago, I purchased a book titled, "What's the big idea? " from a nearby Goodwill thrift store. As is often the case when I go on a book-buying …

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Last year, Fast Company undertook an impressive series of articles covering the so-called "Flux Generation". It illustrated, for me, the phenomena that …

Easy Teleseminar Audio Product Creation  Not rated yet
Developing and launching teleseminars (& webinars) is one way to monetize your relationship with an online marketplace, while building your online brand, …

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In the article below, I hope to communicate a mechanism and sequence by which spiritual capital assets can be transformed into other resources for …

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