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Build Your Predictive Power Through Thinking About Futurism and History

by Gogo
(Denver, Colorado)

Last year, Fast Company undertook an impressive series of articles covering the so-called "Flux Generation". It illustrated, for me, the phenomena that typify the Idea Age, far better than most other pieces I have come across.

We are in a period of pervasive, persistent change in the business environment. Strategy Professor Willie Pietersen, author of Strategic Learning, uses the term VUCA - volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous - to describe such an environment in flux.

One of the strongest parts of the book, in my opinion is a section that tries to help the executive leader tease out insight in ways that are quite similar to the excercises that scenario planners and futurists employ.

In the video below, author Bruce Sterling talks about how today's "network culture" (connected and convergent media culture) is destroying dominant narrative and creating many, many, micro-particles of narrative/culture.

Here is a piece of video that really illustrates this:

Well, you're probably asking, "So What?"

What does this have to do with business, running my organization?

Patience, patience.

I will tell you.

This observation is related to observations also made in the "Filter bubble" by author Eli Pariser...

Your target audience is splintering, and moving into increasingly segregated cultural worlds.

Every marketer must become a specialist in multichannel marketing - reaching people in many different physical and electronic "places" - and even "omnichannel marketing".

The video featured above is also important for another reason. By taking the long glance backward and the long view forward, marketers, strategists, and leaders build a competency in understanding the discerning the continuities vs. the changes.

This is an essential skill for leaders in the Idea Age.

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