Escape Commodity Pricing and Competitive Pressures In Your Business
Free Webinar: Differentiate Your Business With 4P Strategic System

A few years ago, I developed a simple but powerful framework for thinking through market-oriented problems faced by solo, small, and mid-sized businesses. In the years, since, I've used it successfully with our clients, and taught my team how to implement it.

In this concise and practical video presentation, you will learn:

  • A strategic method to "escape commodity positioning" (and pricing)
  • Commonsensical small business branding tips
  • The "Southwest Airlines" marketing secret any small business can use
  • Practical case study for turning competitor into complementary business
  • The Commonsensical 4P Small Business Branding method
  • And much, much, more...

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social pr consultantGogo Erekosima, is the Lead strategist at Idea Age Consulting - a provider of unique hidden marketing assets consulting, and marketing services that help solo, small and mid-sized businesses nationwide to grow using assets already hidden within the business.